Taking Flight with DISC - Starter Package (Ships 2-3 business days after ordered)

Taking Flight with DISC - Starter Package (Ships 2-3 business days after ordered)

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Our starter pack is a great way to begin utilizing what Take Flight Learning offers. Our in depth assessment and best selling book Taking Flight! by our CEO Merrick Rosenberg will help you begin your journey of self awareness and the power of the DISC styles.
By linking the DISC styles to four birds, Taking Flight with DISC breathes new life into the tried and true DISC model. First introduced by Merrick Rosenberg in his book, Taking Flight!, the birds add colorful energy and help create a memorable session for participants. By linking Eagles to the Dominant (D) style, Parrots to the Interactive (I) style, Doves to the Supportive (S) style and Owls to the Conscientious (C) style, people remember the styles like never before because the characteristics of the birds are intuitive. If people are going to apply new wisdom, they have to remember it! A year from now, when people are asking questions like, “What does the D stand for?” they will still recall that eagle’s personality is direct, decisive, daring, and driven.

Quite simply, letters are not memorable…birds are. Just looking at the letter D does not intuitively reveal behavioral traits like bold, direct, and results-oriented. But thinking about an eagle immediately brings these personality traits to mind. Participants can easily describe characteristics that capture the essence of each style to eagles, parrots, doves and owls. The “stickiness” of the birds allows participants to instantly connect with what they represent and remember them for the long term.

Taking Flight Learning has partnered with a powerful online DISC profile that has been taken by millions of people in the US and around the world.

The Taking Flight profile takes a comprehensive look at your specific blend of styles and provides an in-depth analysis of your motivational characteristics, your distinctive value to a team, how you relate to other styles under stress, which styles you are most compatible with at work, and your unique strengths and challenges. You even get a peek at which famous historical figure you most resemble!

The Taking Flight profile features the bird characters from your Taking Flight book and training program, creating a seamless experience for your participants.


Taking Flight! 
Master the DISC Styles to Transform Your Career, Your Relationships...Your Life By Merrick Rosenberg & Daniel Silvert
Dorian is bossy and doesn’t pull any punches. Indy just wants to have fun. Sarah hopes everyone will get along. Crystal needs everything to be perfect. Sound like anyone you know? They’re not your coworkers, though they may remind you of them. They’re not your customers, but they may act like them at times. In fact, they’re a community of birds living in an exotic forest, racing against time to save their beloved Home from impending disaster.
What can they teach us about human nature? As it turns out, a whole lot!

Follow the eagle, parrots, doves, and owls as they discover the four behavioral styles that explain why we all think, act, and say the things we do. In this entertaining fable, you’ll gain answers to profound questions, such as:
Why did my coworker say that?
What was my manager thinking?
Why do I click with some and clank with others?

Taking Flight!: Master the DISC styles to Transform Your Career, Your Relationships...Your Life helps you identify your own style and gives you simple techniques to recognize the styles of others. Whether you’re an executive, parent, teacher, team member, or friend, Taking Flight! reveals how applying behavioral style wisdom can dramatically improve your effectiveness at work…your personal relationships...the very quality of your life!

"Taking Flight! is an instant classic that will forever change how you see yourself and interact with others. The engaging fable that opens the book - and the enlightening discussion that follows - should be read by anyone seeking growth and success."
Ken Blanchard, coauthor of The One Minute Manager® and Lead with LUV

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Paperback, 227 pages, 6.5 inches x 8.25 inches. Designed to compliment the Participant Workbook side by side on a book shelf.