Taking Flight with DISC Participant Guide

Taking Flight with DISC Participant Guide

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The Taking Flight with DISC Participant Guide is not your typical 3-ring binder. Packed with over 20 years of DISC insights from Merrick Rosenberg, the author of Taking Flight! and The Chameleon, the Participant Guide is filled with interactive exercises that will bring your next DISC training program to life. This beautifully-designed workbook is like a personal journal that participants will want to go back to time and time again as it offers tips and action ideas to apply the styles in their lives. 

We all know that learning is a process, not an event, which is why we’ve also included the four Reinforcement Activities in the back of every Participant Guide. You will get four 15-20-minute self-facilitated activities that can be integrated into a staff meeting or used as a stand-alone reinforcer. Your participants will continue to learn after they leave the classroom.


The full-color workbook features 9 unique sections full of hands-on activities and discussion starters. Sections include: Introduction, The DISC Styles, Identifying the Styles, Style Flexibility, Team Dynamics, Overusing Strengths, Action Planning, Reinforcement Activities and an Appendix. The exercises and discussions are designed to be both fun and informative. 
Make it yours! Personalize the participant guides by adding your company logo to the cover. Members of our Certified Affiliate Network can also add their contact information and unique branding to make it pop! 

Technical Specs
The 71 page full-color workbook is 9 inches x 7.25 inches and is printed on high-quality, color copy gloss paper to ensure a durable reference guide that participants can hold onto.