Taking Flight with DISC Participant Guide

Taking Flight with DISC Participant Guide

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The Taking Flight Participant Guide is not your typical 3-ringed binder. Packed with 20 years of DISC insights from Taking Flight! coauthor, Merrick Rosenberg, the Participant Guide is filled with interactive exercises and DISC insights that will bring your next training program to life.

This beautifully-designed workbook is like a personal journal that participants will want to go back to time and time again as it offers tips and action ideas to apply the DISC styles in their lives. 

The full-color workbook features 8 unique, individually tabbed sections full of hands-on activities and discussion starters. Sections include Introduction, The DISC Styles, Identifying the Styles, Style Flexibility, Team Dynamics, Overusing Strengths, Action Planning, and an Appendix. The activities and discussions are designed to be fun and informative at the same time.

Technical Specs
The full-color workbook is the same size as the Taking Flight! hard cover book, 6.5 inches x 8.25 inches. They are designed to compliment each other side by side on a book shelf. The workbook is printed on high-quality card stock, and is internally spiral bound with a special binding that is hidden under the cardboard spine. 64 pages. Pockets inside the front and back cover to hold inserts.