Coaching in Style Playbook

Coaching in Style Playbook

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The Coaching in Style Playbook is a powerful tool that coaches can use with their clients to help them step into the power of their personality. There are sixteen sections that focus on core skills needed by today’s leaders. Each section includes questions that a coach can ask and discuss with their client. Each skillset also includes practical tips on how to tap their personality-driven strengths, while making sure they are not imposing their style on others. Individuals will learn how to become the highest version of themselves by incorporating the Eagles, Parrots, Doves, and Owls into everything they do.

The Playbook will help you infuse the styles into coaching discussions based on: Increasing self-awareness, improving team dynamics, conveying vision, clarifying goals, providing feedback, increasing influence, cultivating strong interpersonal relationships, communicating to others, listening effectively, holding people accountable, managing stress, running inclusive/effective meetings, leading change, and more!

The Coaching in Style Playbook will make your coaching interactions more meaningful and impactful than ever before!

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