Chameleon Leadership Profile

Chameleon Leadership Profile

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The Chameleon Leadership Profile utilizes an individual’s Taking Flight with DISC Profile Graph. If the individual you are requesting the Chameleon Leadership Profile for has completed their Taking Flight with DISC Profile after 2018, please include their full name and email address in the comments section as the participant does not need to retake the questionnaire.

The Chameleon Leadership Profile is a comprehensive DISC-based leadership profile. Instead of the typical leadership report filled with boilerplate information about the styles, this report is filled with personalized insights that can benefit anyone who leads people.

 The profile applies the styles in the following areas:

  • Communicating to staff
  •  Conveying vision
  • Listening
  • Running inclusive meetings
  • Delegating
  • Providing feedback
  • Coaching and holding people accountable
  • Engaging the team
  • Creating culture 

Each section of the report provides customized information about the individual’s strengths related to that topic and the likely behaviors when under stress. Each section also includes an action planning component to guide leaders to develop those aspects of their leadership skills. To close out the report, a detailed section about what each style looks like when strengths are overused helps to guide action planning.

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