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Taking Flight Facilitator Guide Taking Flight Participant Pack 1 Taking Flight Participant Pack 2
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Taking Flight Facilitator Guide taking flight participant materials 1 taking flight participant pack 2
The Taking Flight Facilitator Guide is fully scripted, beautifully designed, and reveals exactly how to facilitate a program packed with insight and humor, delivering long lasting impact for your clients. The Taking Flight Participant Pack 1 is outstanding value for trainers. It includes our DISC profile, participant workbook, a copy of Merrick Rosenberg's newest book The Chameleon and our DISC reminder card. The Taking Flight Participant Pack 2 is another outstanding value for trainers. It includes our Taking Flight with participant workbook, a copy of Taking Flight! which Ken Blanchard called “an instant classic,” and our DISC reminder card.
Taking Flight Reinforcement Kit User's Guide for Working with Me (10-pack) DISC Reminder Cards (25-pack)
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Our Price: 60.00
Our Price: 75.00
Taking Flight with DISC Reinforcement Kit users guide for working with me disc reminder card
We all know that learning is a process, not an event. With the Taking Flight Reinforcement Kit, managers can reinforce the DISC styles with their team and trainers can add follow-up sessions to a DISC training program. The Users Guide To Working With Me is a fun and surprisingly insightful way to teach others how best to work with you. The Users Guide is a great activity for a team. Each team member simply fills out their guide and passes it around. Taking Flight with DISC reminder cards are elegantly designed to pack a lot of information into a small space. In a glance your participants can review the core traits of each style on one side and three tips for communicating and influencing each style on the other.
Taking Flight Participant Guide Taking Flight with DISC online Profile Taking Flight! Book
Our Price: 45.00
Our Price: 38.00
Our Price: 20.00
taking flight with disc participant workbook taking flight with DISC profile taking flight with DISC book
The Taking Flight workbook is not your typical 3-ringed binder. Rosenberg and Silvert have packed 20 years of DISC insights and interactive exercises into a premium quality participant guide. The Taking Flight profile takes a comprehensive look at your specific blend of styles and provides an in-depth analysis of your motivational characteristics, your distinctive value to a team, how you relate to other styles under stress, which styles you are most compatible with at work, and your unique strengths challenges. Taking Flight!: Master the DISC styles to Transform Your Career, Your Relationships...your Life helps you identify your own style and gives you simple techniques to recognize the styles of others. Whether you’re an executive, parent, teacher, team member, or friend, Taking Flight! reveals how applying behavioral style wisdom can dramatically improve your effectiveness at work…your personal relationships...the very quality of your life!
Flight Support New Item! Double-Sided Taking Flight! Desk Top Birds (6 inches) Taking Flight! 6 foot Stand-Up Birds
Our Price: 12.00
List Price: $7.00
Our Price: 7.00
Our Price: 600.00
Taking Flight! 6" Pop-up Birds Taking Flight! 6' Stand-up Birds
Let Take Flight Learning be your back office.  We’ll handle the time-consuming administrative details that get in the way of focusing your energy on training and selling. Simply click on Flight Support, place your order, and complete a short form to provide us with the info we need to administer and ship the materials. Keep the learning and the fun going after your Taking Flight session.  These 6" birds are a great way to remind everyone of your style.  They can be used as a desktop accessory or attached to a name plate or door!  Birds are sold individually, click on link to select your birds. Keep the learning and the fun going after your Taking Flight session.  These 6" birds are a great way to remind everyone of your style.  They can be used as a desktop accessory or attached to a name plate or door!
Taking Flight Large Bird Stickers Taking Flight Small Bird Stickers The Chameleon: Life Changing Wisdom for Anyone Who Has a Personality or Knows Someone Who Does
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Our Price: 5.50
List Price: $16.99
Our Price: 15.00
. 2 sheets of 20 stickers for a total of 40 stickers (10 of each bird) 1 inch in size. Combine this sticker with the small 3/4 inch size for a primary and secondary style. Liven your program or event by adding stickers to your name tags. 2 sheets of 20 stickers per bird for a total of 40 stickers (10 of each bird), 3/4 inch in size. Combine this stick with the large 1 inch size for a primary and secondary style. Laugh and learn through twenty-two entertaining fables that reflect the challenges you experience in your life story. Guided by an all-knowing chameleon, four unassuming birds play the roles of the personality styles. The insights gained from their interactions and struggles will lift you to new heights of understanding yourself and others.
NEW ITEM! Taking Flight with DISC Reminder Artwork Taking Flight Starter Pack 6 Foot Bird Deluxe Shipping Box
Our Price: 44.97
Our Price: 58.00
Our Price: 200.00
Deluxe Shipper
Keep the learning going after your Taking Flight program with this stunning visual reminder. Available in two different sizes this rich graphic artwork can be placed in your conference room or meeting space as visual reinforcement of the four DISC styles.

Printed on 180 lb. high-gloss stock that makes images pop.

*poster arrives unframed.
Our starter pack is a great way to begin utilizing what Take Flight Learning offers. Our in depth assessment and best selling book Taking Flight! by our CEO Merrick Rosenberg will help you begin your journey of self awareness and the power of the DISC styles.
  • Heavy duty plastic-lined top and bottom prevent punctures.
  • Artwork floats between thick, soft foam pillows.
  • Foam is removable.
  • Approved by most major air and ground carriers, including UPS and FedEx®.
Wheel of Style Chameleon Selling DISC Styles Card Deck Activity Chameleon Selling Participant Guide
List Price: $7.95
Our Price: 7.95
Our Price: 45.00
Our Price: 45.00
A fun, interactive activity to your Chameleon Selling program. The Wheel of Style is an excellent facilitation tool to discuss real life scenarios in the selling process..

Sometimes you walk into a meeting and you know the person you are meeting. After all, you've been speaking to that person for weeks and finally, you get to meet face-to face. To your surprise, several people have joined your main contact and you need to flex with them as well. Let's see who else is in the meeting...

The Wheel of Style contains all of the assorted
combinations of styles.
In addition to the four primary styles, there are also spots on the wheel for each of the bird styles to have a strong secondary style. Spin The Wheel of Style and based on where the wheel stops, discuss how to approach those customers.

An interactive group activity that focuses on re-familiarizing the participants with the four DISC styles represented as the Dominant Eagle, Interactive Parrot, Supportive Dove and Conscientious Owl.

The Chameleon Selling Participant Guide is not your typical workbook. Sales is like a three-legged stool that includes skills, strategy and style. Unfortunately, most salespeople are weakest in the third leg – style. They fail to apply the four styles to read customers and adapt to their needs. This can often lead to lost opportunities, though the salesperson will never know it. Building off the style-wisdom gained in the Taking Flight with DISC program, Chameleon Selling challenges participants to reconsider how they interact with prospective customers.

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Chameleon Selling Facilitator Guide
Our Price: 295.00
Please call 856.807.0200 to purchase

Based on Merrick Rosenberg’s book, The Chameleon: Life-Changing Wisdom for
Anyone Who Has a Personality or Knows Someone Who Does,
this training program helps salespeople better understand themselves, their customers and prospective
customers in a way that has never been done before.  Chameleon Selling looks at sales through the
lens of the four personality styles – the Eagle, the Parrot, the Dove and the
Owl.  Participants engage in a series of activities
that will enhance the sales skills and strategies they employ every day.