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Take Flight Learning
Taking Flight with DISC is a high energy training experience in which people learn to put the power of their personality into everything they do. For far too long, DISC training has focused on learning a model based on easily-forgotten letters. In this session, the styles are symbolized by the four birds and the focus is on application. Taking Flight with DISC will revolutionize how your people interact with each other and drive success.
Take Flight Learning
Chameleon Leadership teaches current and future leaders how to flexibly adapt to the needs of their direct reports. This one-day session takes existing skills to the next level by linking the four personality styles (Eagles, Parrots, Doves and Owls) to a range of core leadership skills.
Take Flight Learning
ReDISCovering Conflict provides a unique lens through which to view how we work with others. Participants will better understand themselves, their coworkers, and their clients in a way that turns conflict into an opportunity to innovate, make better decisions and build stronger relationships. By understanding how Eagles, Parrots, Doves and Owls communicate during moments of disagreement, participants will reDISCover Conflict in a whole new way.
Take Flight Learning
Chameleon Selling helps salespeople infuse the four styles into every sales interaction. By learning how to read a customer’s style and instantly adapt to their needs, long-term relationships are developed and sales increase.
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